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Menu a la carte
Menu a la carte

Our a la carte menu changes with seasons so that we could always offer you fresh and just prepared meals that keep their taste, colour and flavour.


Beetroot, goats´ cheese, hazelnut vinaigrette, acer balsamico caviar

190 kč

Roasted carrots, avocado, Jamón de Ceno, dark bread

260 kč

Grilled cod, cauliflower with coconut milk, corn, coriander

270 kč

Duck foie gras terrine, figs, dried apricot marmalade

320 kč
Salad of your choice

Green leaves with Balsamico

60 kč

Vegetable salad

60 kč

Strong chicken broth

95 kč

Chestnut cream with Madagascar vanilla, Port wine

120 kč
Main dishes

Corn chicken, roasted celery, root vegetable sauce

340 kč

Homemade rabbit sausages, mushrooms, polenta, spinach cream

370 kč

Fallow deer chine, pumpkin dumplings, rosemary cabbage, juniper sauce

490 kč

Lamb shank, white bean puree, black sesame, white radish, rosemary sauce

390 kč

Pork chine, apples, white cheese, bacon, calvados sauce

390 kč

Beef flap steak, potato purée with truffle oil, spring onion, mangold, whiskey sauce

440 kč

Risotto from roasted pumpkin, pumpkin oil, parmesan

210 kč

Lasagne with parmesan, mushroom sauce, roasted mushrooms

270 kč

Selection of French cheeses

260 kč
Czech specialities

Beef goulash, bacon dumplings, horseradish

340 kč

Duck confit, red cabbage, mashed potatoes with arugula

340 kč

Braised veal cheek in red wine, potato purée

360 kč

Champagne sorbet from roses

160 kč

Pears with marzipan, cinnamon, nougat

160 kč

Poppy seed pie, plums with vanilla

160 kč

Cherries, cherry sorbet, mascarpone mousse, white chocolate, mandarin gel

160 kč
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