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Parsnip, buttermilk, sorbet, caviar from salmon trout

260 kč

Goat cheese, beetroot, cashew vinaigrette, Balsamico di Modena

220 kč

Duck rillettes, foie gras, pickled cucumber, onion, bread

290 kč

Scallops, sweet potatoes, quinoa, red curry, coconut milk

360 kč
Salad of your choice

Green leaves with Balsamico di Modena

120 kč

Vegetable salad

120 kč

Beef broth

95 kč

Pea cream, prawns, comté

120 kč
Main dishes

Caramelle with rabbit ragout, wild garlic sauce

370 kč

Pullet, cauliflower, vanilla, tyrolean bacon, morel mushrooms

360 kč

Fatback steak, horseradish, apple, sheep cheese, bacon, walnuts

320 kč

Beef short rib, mushrooms, onion, smoked mayonaisse, red wine sauce

460 kč

Lamb loin, eggplant, tomatoes, garlic, rosemary sauce

520 kč

Perch, artichoke, beans, Jerusalem artichoke, mussle sauce with saffron

420 kč

Asparagus risotto, poached egg, parmesan

270 kč
Czech specialities

Beef goulash, bacon dumplings, horseradish

360 kč

Veal cheeks in red wine, roasted potatoes purée, kale, glazed carrot

390 kč

Duck leg confit, white and red cabbage, mashed potatoes with arugula

370 kč

Champagne sorbet from roses

160 kč

Chocolate cake, nuts powder, raspberries

190 kč

Pear tarte tatin, mousse with Maple syrup

170 kč

Mini Popsicles – a selection of frozen minidesserts

260 kč